How to move to Africa alone

It’s not easy moving to another continent where you don’t know anyone, away from your family and friends. It’s not easy Skyping with loved ones while they’re celebrating holidays or birthdays together, pretending that the pixelated image of your face puts you there with them. It’s not easy seeing people living in poverty every day,... Continue Reading →


Imagine eating a horse burger

The other day I saw a man walking down the street carrying a dead chicken. It’s not uncommon to see that here, they do it casually like people carrying grocery bags. When you see it for the first time, you might think “eek!” like I did. But is carrying a grocery bag with packaged chicken... Continue Reading →

The poor don’t just need money

We’ve all seen those sad commercials on TV of malnourished children in Africa. There’s sad music playing, it’s tugging at our heart strings, and the goal is to get us to donate money (which will go towards food, water, etc.). And there’s nothing wrong with that, it definitely has its place! But what’s more sustainable... Continue Reading →

“I’m moving to…”

“You’re moving to Africa!?” they said, “but is it safe!?” This was one of the most common responses I got when I told people I was moving to Senegal (after asking where Senegal is). I also got it before traveling to both Ghana and Tanzania for shorter periods of time, so I expected it. One... Continue Reading →

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