Without words, smiles

energy laughter remind

me that we’re all one.


I visited some women farmers in a village the other day for work. Although we couldn’t communicate verbally (I don’t yet speak Wolof), we became good friends.

We communicated in a language that doesn’t involve words. We were happy about each others’ presence so we gave off positive energy and couldn’t help but laugh and smile together.

It’s easy to think that just because people live on a completely different part of the planet and speak a completely different language and have completely different norms, that means they are completely different. But that’s a surface-level perception.

Whether we speak English or Wolof, wear shorts or cover our knees, go to the mosque or go to church, we’re all human beings just trying to make the most of our limited time on this planet.

When society teaches you what to think of certain people, it perpetuates the myth that we are all separate. To overcome this myth, you have to have real, personal interactions with people and avoid assumptions.  That’s when you realize the “differences” are man-made, and that’s when you start seeing everyone in the world as you would see your neighbors.

Can you imagine if everyone did that?



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love dalai lama