A Reflection After Being Robbed: Givers v. Takers

The other day, someone broke into my house. They did it while I was at work, and neither I nor my kitties were harmed. They just took some valuables and left me with a very messy room. After getting over the initial shock, I thought about it some more and my mind kept coming back... Continue Reading →


The Paradoxical Beauty of the Road

Do you ever listen to a song and realize that it describes your life so perfectly, you wonder if the artist was secretly in your head? That song for me is “Beauty of the Road” by Future Islands. I can’t help but get emotional (and a bit philosophical) every time I hear the line, mid-song,... Continue Reading →

Why my friend called me a capitalist

Do you ever dream about quitting your job and just traveling the world? No responsibilities, no stress, just fun and adventure. I was talking about this with two friends the other night over dinner, and the conversation turned into an interesting debate, where I ended up being called a capitalist (which I’m not ashamed of... Continue Reading →

Science or spirituality: Why not both?

I was talking to a friend the other day who was telling me about some life problems he’s going through and how he’s discouraged at the thought of living a fulfilling life and doesn’t know what his next steps should be. These are pretty common, yet daunting problems that everyone goes through at some point.... Continue Reading →

A poor definition of “poor”

What comes to mind you hear the word “poor”? For me, I think of people without money, who are obviously unhappy. Their lives must be unfulfilling because they are without the one thing needed to have true wealth. They probably suffer. Our government, society, and the media all condition us to think that life revolves... Continue Reading →

Human Connection: A Haiku

Without words, smiles energy laughter remind me that we're all one.   I visited some women farmers in a village the other day for work. Although we couldn't communicate verbally (I don't yet speak Wolof), we became good friends. We communicated in a language that doesn't involve words. We were happy about each others' presence... Continue Reading →

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