Grateful For: Water

Today I’m especially grateful for water. Earlier today, I interviewed a farmer named Fatou, who lives by a well that’s running low on water. Despite the fact that her husband died in 2006 and she’s been struggling since to support her family, or that everyday she worries about what to feed her kids for lunch,... Continue Reading →


Thought of the Week: How Can We Love Something That Won’t Last?

It’s a scary feeling when you realize your happiness depends on things outside of yourself. Happiness is a wonderful feeling, some might even say it’s the meaning of life. But when I think about things that make me happy, I realize that they’re all external things. External meaning they exist in the physical world and... Continue Reading →

The Paradoxical Beauty of the Road

Do you ever listen to a song and realize that it describes your life so perfectly, you wonder if the artist was secretly in your head? That song for me is “Beauty of the Road” by Future Islands. I can’t help but get emotional (and a bit philosophical) every time I hear the line, mid-song,... Continue Reading →

Why my friend called me a capitalist

Do you ever dream about quitting your job and just traveling the world? No responsibilities, no stress, just fun and adventure. I was talking about this with two friends the other night over dinner, and the conversation turned into an interesting debate, where I ended up being called a capitalist (which I’m not ashamed of... Continue Reading →

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